How Janie Works 

In-person Consultations

If you are ready, you are welcome to schedule an initial consultation with Janie via her online appointment scheduler.

more about the initial consultation and follow-up consultations

The initial consultation is an opportunity to meet Janie and to talk to her about the difficulties you are experiencing. It may be that you have a clear idea what these difficulties are or it may be that you feel uncertain. It doesn't matter if your'e clear or uncertain - this consultation will give you the chance to think with Janie about these experiences and what you may need going forward. You may or may not have some ideas about the background to the difficulties you are experiencing and the first consultation can also be used to explore that a bit. But it is more likely that Janie will invite you for follow-up consultations to explore this further. If there are any urgent matters to attend to, she will suggest that you return sooner as well as possibly incorporating other forms of treatment to support you. 

It may be that these consultations put you on the right track to continue on your own or have intermittent sessions with Janie. Or it may be that you want to meet regularly with Janie to help you increase your awareness about and insight into your experiences. 

Online Consultations

Janie started doing online psychotherapy when existing clients who moved away from Cape Town wanted to continue seeing her.  Both her and her clients found these sessions helpful and rewarding and Janie was curious to see whether it would be possible to establish a therapeutic relationship with clients whom she never met in person.  She now has many clients whom she has only met online and can recommend it to people who for whatever reason are unable to or don't want to see a therapist in person. She also has international clients and the payment option below accepts international payments. The payment processing system is secure and used by many South African companies.

An initial online consultation can offer you an opportunity to ask questions and get guidance from Janie. It may help you decide whether you need in-person consultations or not. Janie will tell you if she doesn't think that online therapy is the best way to help you. If you and Janie decide that you could benefit from online therapy you may schedule as many sessions as you like. 

This is how it works:

Step 1:
Please request an online session here.

Step 2: 
Once you and Janie have agreed on an online session, please click on the button below to make a secure online payment.

Number of Sessions *

Step 3: 
Once Janie has received the payment from PayFast she will email you to confirm the session.

*A session with Janie, whether for in-person - or online therapy, will be charged at R 900 / session unless another (higher or lower) rate has been mutually agreed upon by Janie and the client. This rate is subject to change at Janie's discression.

PLEASE NOTE: Your safety is most important. Janie's practice is not geared for emergency situations. If your safety is at risk and you need immediate assistance, Janie recommends that you contact Lifeline SA or Befrienders Worldwide first. 

If you still have questions after reading this overview, you may contact Janie's practice via email.