Meet Janie

Therapeutic approach

Janie Loubser

Janie Loubser

Janie has more than ten years experience as a clinical psychologist. She offers individual therapy for the treatment of depression, bipolar mood disorder, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions, trauma and bereavement. Janie also offers couple therapy. Her theoretical background and foundation is psychoanalytic and psychodynamic. She believes in working beyond disorders to an area of making meaning, being curious and attending compassionately to whatever challenges one might face. Her treatment offers a space where you can explore all the different aspects of who you are in order to understand why you are experiencing discomfort. It is therefore not so much a 'digging into the past' but rather an 'opening yourself' and she calls her approach mindfulness-based psychodynamic psychotherapy.  

Recent development, training and interests

Janie  has a strong interest in the mind and how we can apply our minds to achieve overall health and well-being. She has done training in Integrative Medicine (through the University of Stellenbosch Medical School) as well as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (through the Center for Mindfulness - University of Massachusetts). Through these studies Janie became conscious of the many pathways to health and our innate potential for growth if we attend to ourselves in a mindful way. She has since made changes to the way she lives and has adopted daily practices to keep on track. She is passionate about helping others to live with greater ease and has a goal to bring about social change as a health professional. 

The ability to live with greater ease means changing the way we relate to what is happening to us. Janie believes that this can be practised and learned and she  is currently doing an interactive course that will enable her to introduce practices that will help her clients develop a greater connection to their challenging experiences by paying attention in a certain way.

Janie yearly joins an international Mindfulness Summit which gives her exposure to the latest development in neuroscience, psychotherapy, mindfulness and meditation. She also participates yearly in an international addictions conference, called Recovery 2.0 that embrace a holistic approach to recovery from all addictions. 

Janie is a trained couple's therapist. She offers couple's sessions to couples who are interested in understanding how they relate and communicate and eventually develop new ways where necessary. 

Janie's values

Whether she is working with you individually or as a couple, she values relating in a thoughtful, compassionate, authentic and empowering way. She has a positive outlook on people and believes that everyone has the ability to be more aware and that this awareness puts us in control of ourselves.  Since her student years, she has been interested in Attachment Theory and wrote her Masters Thesis on Attachment in Adult Relationships. She believes that we can learn to form healthier relationships with ourselves and others which in turn has a positive effect on our overall health as well as the health and well-being of those around us. 

Janie's professional qualifications and affiliations

Apart from completing a Bachelors in Law and a Masters in Clinical Psychology, Janie has also completed a 2 year Infant Observation Course through the Tavistock Institute where she gained first hand experience of the mother-infant bond. She also completed a four year Psychoanalytic Couples Training (based on the Tavistock training) which has given her a theoretical framework to understand and work with couples. She is a member of the Cape Town Association for Psyhoanalytic Couples Therapy that meets once a month in small groups to ensure that she remains true to her training and development as a couple's therapist.

She is a member of The South African Psychoanalytic Initiative (SAPI) that meets once a month as a small group of 10 where she receives training from prominent international and SA psychoanalysts. 

She is an associate of Maureen Kark, a professional wellness consultancy focused on providing integrated wellness solutions and has given a talk on mindfulness to one of their big corporate clients. She also provides individual and couples therapy to these clients. 

Janie has also done three intensive Ethical Courses with Alfred Allen and numerous ethics training sessions. She is a member of The South African Psychoanalytic Confederation which has a strong focus on ethical matters. She has been in supervision with a senior psychologist and meets biweekly with a peer supervision group.